15 Refreshing Margarita Recipes Because Every Day Should Be National Margarita Day

I can’t believe I missed National Margarita Day! *sigh* It’s true, I’ve been sick. But, you never know…. one of these delicious recipes could have been exactly what I needed!

15 Refreshing Margarita Recipes

I have to admit, I had no idea that February 22nd was National Margarita Day, but you can be sure I’ve marked it on my calendar for next year’s celebration! I mean, not that I wouldn’t celebrate it EVERY day, but you simply can’t try all the Margarita recipes in one 24 hour time period without getting…. alcohol poisoning, most likely!

So, I’ll just have to spread it out.

The classic margarita was invented during the 1930’s -40’s, we just aren’t quite sure by who. However, the deliciously yummy frozen margaritas appeared in the 1070’s when a really awesome bartender turned a soft-serve ice cream unit into a frozen margarita machine. What genius!

No matter how you like your margarita, I’m positive you will find one listed below that hits the spot!

1. Watermelon margarita from A Worthey Read
2. Passonfruit margarita from Just Us Four
3. Easy frozen margarita from Flour On My Face
4. Orange grapefruit margarita from Family Food And Travel
5. Key lime strawberry margaritas from The Rebel Chick
6. Pura vida flanco rita skinny margarita from The It Mom
7. The best margarita from Masshole Mommy
8. Strawberry habanero margarita from Slick Housewives
9. Partida skinny margarita from Simmworks Family Blog
10. Caliente kiss margarita from Style On Main
11. Blackberry margarita cocktail on the rocks from Optimistic Mommy
12. Spicy chocolate chip margarita from How Was Your Day
13. Chili lime mango margarita from Minimalist Baker
14. Fresh blueberry margarita from Love And Olive Oil
15. Kombucha margarita from Our Four Forks

Do YOU have a favorite margarita recipe that you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to taste-test it! 😉


~ Carrie

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