Cute And Festive Saint Patrick’s Day Utensil Holder

Ireland is not the only place that celebrates St. Patrick’s Day – Great Britain, the Untied States, Canada, New Zealand, Argentina and Australia also get in on the festivities. Even though St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, many Irish nationals have migrated to other parts of the world and a great many festivities happen in March due to this much anticipated holiday. Some parties happen in the streets and are celebrated with parades & other outdoor entertainment; others take place in the comfort of a home with close friends & family. The grandiosity is not what is important, but the happiness and positive outlook that one brings into celebrating this holiday.

St Patricks Day Utensil Holders

Having come from some sturdy, Irish stock ourselves, my family loves to participate in St. Patrick’s Day celebrations wherever we can find them! Add to that our love of crafting & this festive little DIY utensil holder has come into being. What a perfect way to dress up your dinner table at your St. Patrick’s Day celebration than with this unique table setting piece created with your own personal flair!

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here, so you’d better get crafting!

Here’s how it’s done:

utensil holder photo 1

Gather all the materials needed for this tutorial:
green, yellow and black crafting felt
2 pcs. medium-sized wooden button
a piece of brown multi-layered board
blue and yellow or green acrylic paint
a piece of wooden skewer
a hot glue
a pair of scissors


Step 1: Corrugate the brown, multi-layered board using a wooden skewer. Insert the wooden skewer on the side openings of the multi-layered board and carefully lift the skewer upwards to remove the upper layer of the board. Insert the wooden skewer in an alternating manner to proper remove the right layer.

utensil holder photo 2

Step 2: Fold the corrugated board into a half. Make sure that you have the proper measurements for your utensils before proceeding to the next process. This assures proper fitting of the utensils to the utensil holder’s body. Cut a curve on the sides of the folded corrugated board. Refer to the image to achieve the appropriate cut for this step.

utensil holder photo 3


Step 3: Mix a little bit of blue to the yellow acrylic paint to create a green color. Skip this part if you already have your own pre-mixed green acrylic paint.

utensil holder photo 4


Step 4: Unfold the corrugated body and paint it with green acrylic paint. Let it dry for an hour before proceeding to the next process of this tutorial. This green corrugated body will serve as the body of the leprechaun.

utensil holder photo 5


Step 5: Cut a strip of black crafting felt that is at least 2 centimeters in width. This will serve as the belt of the leprechaun.

utensil holder photo 6


Step 6:  Cut a rectangle from the yellow crafting felt. Make sure that the width of this is almost the same as the black belt. This will serve as the buckle of the belt. Create a hole in the middle of the rectangle that is synonymous with the outer shape of the buckle.

utensil holder photo 7


Step 7: Hot glue the yellow buckle in the middle of the black belt.

utensil holder photo 8


Step 8: Meet the ends of the utensil holder’s body and generously glue it.

utensil holder photo 9


Step 9: Wrap the belt around the corrugated body of the utensil holder. Take note that the position of the belt should be at least placed on the lower two-thirds of the overall body of this.

utensil holder photo 10


Step 10: Place and glue the two yellow wooden buttons vertically, just above the buckle.

utensil holder photo 11


Step 11: Cut a small three-leaf shamrock from the green crafting felt.

utensil holder photo 12


Step 12: Insert the small felt shamrock on the right (facing the object) part of the belt. Secure the stability of the shamrock by applying generous amounts of glue on the black of it.

utensil holder photo 13


Step 13: Finally done and ready for use! You can now impress your guest with your new festive St. Patrick utensil holder during your special dinner.

utensil holder photo 14

The St. Patrick utensil holder is great for a special dinner with the family during the St. Patrick’s Day holiday. This can hold a fork, spoon, and a knife also. The general size of the utensil holder can be altered according to your needs. You can also personalize this base on your own preference. You can never go wrong with this utensil holder. And your family & guests would definitely appreciate not only your cooking but also your creativity on this one. Hope it helps you in preparing for the St. Patrick’s celebration!


~ Carrie

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