De-Clutter Your Bedroom in 15 Minutes A Day (At Least In Theory)

Even if you only use your bedroom for a few hours a day – mainly while you are sleeping – nothing feels better than to go to bed at night in a clean, clutter-free room.

Declutter Your Bedroom

I wouldn’t know. I have a tendency to put everything that I want to keep away from kids or pets in my bedroom; to the point that I can barely move without running into something or knocking something over. I also work from my bedroom, so that means that my desk and computer and all my books, research materials and direct sales products are in there, too. It’s a total disaster area.

I’m also a total multi-tasker. I have laundry going and dinner cooking and a blog post half-written as I’m answering the phone, taking out the dog and chatting with the neighbor. As soon as the buzzer goes off on the dryer I snatch up the switch out the laundry, throwing the newly washed clothes on the bed where they can be found hours later when I finally shove them over to the side in order to catch a few winks of sleep.

Not cool, I know.

My mission for March is to completely organize and de-clutter my room. Right now, the rug has been ripped out and  of the 4 walls have been painted. I can’t find a damn thing and I can’t put anything away until I get the walls and floor done.

I need to get busy.

I DO have a plan, though.

I have been following The FlyLady for a while and she has some ingenious ideas on how to keep your home clean and organized. I figure if I spend just 15 minutes concentrated on my bedroom every day, it should remain my little sanctuary.

I’ve adapted her teachings a little bit, but I’m positive this is going to work for me. (Yes, yes, I will let you know in a forthcoming blog post)

First of all, the bed needs to be made. I don’t use a top sheet – they get tangled around my legs and I end up having dreams that I can’t walk. So, all Ive got to do is throw my comforters and pillows where they belong and BAM! Bed is made.

As long as this guy doesn’t get to them first:



Then, it’s time to tackle the clothes. Dirty clothes in the hamper, clean clothes put away. My hamper is in my closet, so it’s out of the way and out of sight. No lid to worry about, though if it were in the room somewhere, I would definitely have one with a lid. My dogs love panties. If I weren’t able to hide mine somewhere that they couldn’t get to them, I’d have to go commando at all times.

These are usually the two biggest issues of a normal person’s bedroom. But, see… my bedroom is also my OFFICE. So, there’s that.

Let’s say the bed and the clothes took me 5 minutes, tops. Now I’ve got to tackle my work-station.

Chances are I have drank six bottles of water during the night as I was working my VA business. Those bottles need to be picked up and thrown in the recycling container. I’ve probably left myself some kind of crazy paperwork mess as well, so that needs to be straightened out and organized in order for me to work efficiently the next day.

Starting out unorganized just makes things BAD. It doesn’t get any better as the day goes on, it just keeps on piling up until your productivity goes right out the window. It’s best to tackle it before I even touch my computer.

Once that is done, I’ll make sure my stock has all been put away and that my packages are ready to be delivered or taken to the post office and Viola! 15 minutes have passed and my room is ship-shape!

Anything that needs to be left out, of course, needs to be kept in it’s place and that is where Clever Container comes in. I now have a place for everything so everything can be kept in it’s place.



Mind you, this 15 minutes was only spent in my own bedroom. I haven’t even thought about the kids’ rooms yet. That will be a brainstorm for another day.

And now I am off to finish painting the last two walls of my room so I can put the flooring down.

I’m so freakin’ excited about that!

I will be sure to keep you updated with how I am doing and post pictures over on Facebook, too!

Do you have a special routine for keeping your own bedroom clean, de-cluttered and organized? I’d love to hear about it! Drop me a comment and let me know!


~ Carrie

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  1. meeshiesworld says:

    My room is always the worst for the same reason! It’s like everything else without a home collects there! These are great tips, I’ll have to see if I can create something similar for myself 🙂

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