Shamrock Hair Pin – Adorable Craft For St. Patrick’s Day

Celebrations or holiday events and festivities are common during St. Patrick’s Day. Many people, especially to the countries that are participating in the said celebration, wants to have a complete St. Patrick-themed costume or dress. In order to compliment the whole fashion statement, girls or women want to accessorize their hair too. And one great idea is to have your own St. Patrick-themed hair accessory. As the general fashion statement goes, “You pocket doesn’t need to suffer in order for you to be fab.” This statement is a fact because we will be teaching you special ways to celebrate this event without hurting your budget at all.

This is a fast, simple, but lovely hair accessory that is a must-have for every girl or woman. The processed used to construct this hair clip is easy to follow, that even crafting neophytes can do. Simple and easy materials are needed also, so what are you waiting for? Let us begin making this lovely hair clip!

shamrock hair clip photo 1

Gather all the materials needed for this tutorial:
a piece of soft green crafting felt
a green sewing thread
a sewing needle
2 pcs. small plain hairpin
a hot glue
a pair of scissors

shamrock hair clip photo 2


Step 1:  Cut 8 pieces of the rectangle from the soft green crafting felt. The dimensions should be at least 4 centimeters long and 3 centimeters wide. These rectangles will be the leaves of the shamrocks. In this project, we will be creating two pieces of shamrock hair clips, having four leaves for each of the hair clip.

shamrock hair clip photo 3


Step 2: Cut a curvy M-shape on the topmost part of the rectangles. Make sure that the rectangles are oriented in a portrait position before performing this process. Do these for all of the 8 green rectangles.

shamrock hair clip photo 4


Step 3: Double thread the sewing needle with a green sewing thread.

shamrock hair clip photo 5


Step 4: Sew a running stitch on the opposite side of the curvy part of the rectangle. Link four rectangles together using the running stitch.

shamrock hair clip photo 6


Step 5: Carefully pull the thread to tighten the spaces on the green felt and create a common center in between the leaves of the shamrock.

shamrock hair clip photo 7



Step 6: Keep on pulling the thread to create a denser base for the shamrock leaves.

shamrock hair clip photo 8


Step 7: Finally, create the final pull and make a loop to finalize the middle part of the shamrock leaves. This should create a middle body without space or hole in the middle of the shamrock.

shamrock hair clip photo 9



Step 8: Do the same process for the second shamrock.

shamrock hair clip photo 10


Step 9: Generously glue the bare or plain hair clip to the middle of the shamrock body. Do the same thing to the other shamrock.

shamrock hair clip photo 11


Step 10: Done! You can now use this lovely shamrock hair clip and you can now be ready to celebrate with your friends this coming St. Patrick’s Day!


This lovely shamrock hair clip goes well with your favorite green dress that you will be using this coming St. Patrick’s Day party. You can now be at par with the parties and be hip and cool at the same time. You can still use this lovely hair clip after the celebration. You can add details to the hair clip based on your own taste. Complete your fashion statement this St. Paddy’s Day! Have fun!


~ Carrie

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