Welcome To My Kitchen!

Hello! So glad you stopped by! Come in and let me pour you a hot cup of coffee. Would you like a piece of spiced rum cake to go with it?

Here. Pull up a chair and let’s have some good old fashioned conversation.

Of course, you know my name is Carrie. Somewhere around here you will see (or hear) my five amazingly awesome offspring. They keep me busy and attempt to eat me out of house and home.


Ooops, yes, sorry about that. One of our 6 rescue dogs is chasing a cat, I’m sure. I’ll clean that up in a minute. No worries.

No, we aren’t from Florida originally. We come from Pennsylvania, where I was born and raised. Miss it? Oh, yes. Sometimes. Mostly things like real dirt, cooler temperatures (even snow!) and being able to pull off alongside of the road and jump into whatever body of water we find without worrying about being eaten by something.

But, we like it here, too. It’s a whole different kind of beauty.

Hobbies? Well, cooking, obviously. Also nature, photography, taking care of these crazy animals, reading, crafts and… honestly? We are pretty easy to amuse.

No bungee jumping though.

Oh sure! Look around! Poke around all the pages and posts. That’s what they’re here for.

If ever I’m not here, simply leave a little note for me in the comment section and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

I’m probably over on my FB Fan Page. You’re welcome there anytime, as well.

It was wonderful of you to stop by! Come back anytime! Don’t forget to take your ebook with you when you leave! It’s located right at the top of the page, on the right hand side!


~ Carrie

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